Today, everybody is wearing face masks. This article will explain how to create a convolutional neural network to detect if a person or multiple people are wearing face masks or not. The program will read in live video footage right from your mobile phone.

Creating a Neural Network

In this section, we will look at how to feed in training images and create a neural network that is capable of detecting face masks.

We will begin by importing the libraries that will be used.

The essential libraries for this project are NumPy, OpenCV & Tensorflow 2.0. …

Image by NASA

Pulsars are a rare type of Neutron star that contain more mass than the Sun while being as relatively small as a city. Scientists are intrigued by these space ‘anomalies’ and hope to use Pulsars to study concepts such as extreme states of matter, cosmic distances, and space-time.

Pulsars produce radio emission that is used to detect their presence. As Pulsars rotate they radiate two narrow beams of light in opposite directions. These beams of light produce a detectable pattern of broadband radio emission. Beams are radiated periodically, resulting in a repeating pattern. …

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